Get familiar with DJ YKCOR (@DJYKCOR) (Interview)

If you know me personally, than you’d know how much respect I have for the DJs. DJ Ykcor is one of the label NU Revolution Entertainment LLC’s DJs, and a great friend / mentor to myself.

1. Introduce yourself to the world!

DJ Ykcor aka White Shadow

2. How long have you been DJing for? What inspired you to start DJing professionally?

DeeJays like Dj Ran, Jay-Ski and Revolution are DeeJays that inspired me to start DJin’ Theres a lot more but I would say those 3 were my main influences.

3. What types of music do you like to spin & why? Which artists / musicians are you currently pushing / DJing for?

I spin a little bit of everything and currently working with Nu Revolution LLC, Bmore Original and Top Notch INC.

4. Tell me about any mentor’s you had. What specifically have you learned from he / she & do you incorporate anything from he / she into your own style of DJing?

I started DJin’ by recording shows from some of my influences and listening over and over trying to make the sounds they did while scratching, then I just put my own flare on it after I figured it out, It wasn’t untill 2 years after starting that I actual seen a DJ in real life…

5. How important is Twitter & social networking to being a DJ?

Very! Its really the only way to get your music to the masses anymore, Labels and Commercial Radio sure fucked that up… So thats all we got.

6. You currently have Internet radio shows on & others, how did this affect your career? How can independent artists get into rotation on your shows?

I have a show called “Class Is In Session” every Saturday at 8pm est on,  Artists can submit music by visiting my site where all the details are posted…

7. You are from the East Coast region, How does this affect your taste in music? Do you have a particular sound that excites you over others?

I like all music and don”t really have any preferences on region, Just as long as the shit ain’t wack!

8. I’ve noticed that you’ve been affiliated with various DJ coalitions & websites over the past year or so, why is it important for DJs to get involved in Coalitions.

Thats a 50/50. “Some” Coalitions are beneficial to be a part of and then some are not. It all depends how you personally feel about them and what they stand for if you wanna be a part of one.

9. How do you learn about new breaking music? What’s your #1 source for finding new music?

It all depends on what your looking for… We get music from Labels, Artist, Record Pools, etc…

10. Shoutouts?

Shout Out to Everyone who is a part of my movement and Everyone that supports what I do and Appreciated how Hard I work to do it on a daily basis.

Follow DJ YKCOR on twitter : @DJYKCOR

Click here to preview his latest mixtape “Class is in Session Vol.3

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