Fall Back Entertainment – Game 7

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Check out this Mixtape. Fall Back Entertainment artists Codes, Dealz, Skeem & Blast have been making music for a long time. This is the first mixtape release from the group of artists for a compilation. The mixtape features various styles, production from Certified & Prince Blakk. Check this mixtape out, as well as many more to come from Fall Back Entertainment!


Fall Back Entertainment – That Was Easy

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Check out this Mixtape, by Fall Back Entertainment. With the release of “Game 7” in 2009, Fall Back Ent. needed a strong release to follow up that mixtape. That Was Easy, was one of the best compilation mixtapes put together by the group of artists. The production was done by Certified & contributions from Prince Blakk. The artists on the compilation include Codes, Dealz, Prince Blakk, Bolds, Sonny Vega, Neazee, Cutz by DJ Ykcor, etc. Be on the lookout for new releases from Fall Back Entertainment soon!

Certified & Classik in the studio

Check out this footage of Nu Revolution’s own Certified & Classik in the studio, getting ready to lace some live drums for an upcoming Wordsmith project. The Studio featured in this clip is “Dragon’s Lair Studios” in Silver Spring, MD (http://www.dragonslairstudios.com). Look for this track coming soon off of Wordsmith’s new project. The track was composed by Certified, live drums by Classik, live guitar by Ryan Tolson & will feature vocals from Wordsmith & Steven Drakes. Coming soon!

DJ YKCOR – Beat Kings Vol 1 (feat. Certified & Prince Blakk)

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Check out DJ YKCOR Presents – Beat Kings Vol1 (Feat. Certified & Prince Blakk). Last year, Prince Blakk & Certified decided they wanted to showcase their production skills over some top 40 style tracks. These remixes feature some of the industry’s latest & hottest music. It also features some of the artists Certified & Prince Blakk produce for, on the remixes. With such a positive response from this mixtape, DJ YKCOR has decided to release a Vol2, featuring Certified & Prince Blakk coming in late spring, early summer. Be on the lookout for that.

Codes – Out of control (Prod by Certified)

Codes – Out of control (Prod by Certified)

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Check out new audio from Codes. “Out of Control” is another single release off of Codes upcoming project entitled “Insomniac”. Codes has been featured on various mixtapes, compilations & alike over the past few years. Always working on new material, it’s no suprise that Codes links up with Certified again to give the clubs a euro style banger. Be on the lookout for Codes mixtape in late Spring, early Summer.

Dealz – Leanin (Remix) (feat. Don Juan, Harmony Muzik, Wordsmith) (Prod by Certified)

Dealz – Leanin (Remix) (Feat. Don Juan, Harmony Muzik, Wordsmith) (Prod by Certified)

DJ Version

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Check out new audio from Dealz. The “Leanin” remix is a hard hitting club banger, featuring some of the DMV’s best talent. Don Juan, Harmony Muzik & Wordsmith provide unique styles to add to Dealz heavy punchline driven club track. This track is the third leak off of Dealz upcoming mixtape “Gotta Make It”, mixed by DJ YKCOR & Hosted by DJ Heat. Be on the lookout for that mixtape dropping March 2011.

Mina Leon – Fly (Prod by Certified)

Mina Leon – Fly (Prod by Certified)

Check out Audio from Mina Leon. Mina has an amazing voice. She’s a really dope songwriter. No suprise that Mina & Certified created a great track together. Mina has been shutting the DMV area down with great hooks & melodies for big artists. She also has a great following in Japan, where she is currently living. This track features heavy bass, piano, and synths, to compliment pop style drums. Mina’s vocal arrangements & lyrics really set this record apart from any others. Get familiar with Mina at www.Minaleon.com

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