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Everyone should know as a producer, it’s great to work with talented singers & song-writers. In the music industry, producers typically work with song-writers on getting songs demoed for placement. It’s common for artists to have other people write material for them. Producers also work with song-writers strictly for writing choruses, bridges, even arrangement of a composition. In my short career, I have been lucky enough to meet incredibly talented song-writers, that have landed me great placements with talented artists. I owe a lot of my placements to the song-writers, without them it’s just a composition! There are very talented song-writers in the DMV area, that up & coming producers should get familiar with.

Singers / Song-writers I co-sign heavily :

Steven Drakes Twitter/steven_drakes1

Mina Leon Twitter/M1NA_L30N


Christopher “Neazee” Neal

Harmony Muzik


Fall Back Entertainment – Game 7

Web Version

Check out this Mixtape. Fall Back Entertainment artists Codes, Dealz, Skeem & Blast have been making music for a long time. This is the first mixtape release from the group of artists for a compilation. The mixtape features various styles, production from Certified & Prince Blakk. Check this mixtape out, as well as many more to come from Fall Back Entertainment!

Fall Back Entertainment – That Was Easy

Web Version

Check out this Mixtape, by Fall Back Entertainment. With the release of “Game 7” in 2009, Fall Back Ent. needed a strong release to follow up that mixtape. That Was Easy, was one of the best compilation mixtapes put together by the group of artists. The production was done by Certified & contributions from Prince Blakk. The artists on the compilation include Codes, Dealz, Prince Blakk, Bolds, Sonny Vega, Neazee, Cutz by DJ Ykcor, etc. Be on the lookout for new releases from Fall Back Entertainment soon!

DJ YKCOR – Beat Kings Vol 1 (feat. Certified & Prince Blakk)

Web Version

Mobile Version

Check out DJ YKCOR Presents – Beat Kings Vol1 (Feat. Certified & Prince Blakk). Last year, Prince Blakk & Certified decided they wanted to showcase their production skills over some top 40 style tracks. These remixes feature some of the industry’s latest & hottest music. It also features some of the artists Certified & Prince Blakk produce for, on the remixes. With such a positive response from this mixtape, DJ YKCOR has decided to release a Vol2, featuring Certified & Prince Blakk coming in late spring, early summer. Be on the lookout for that.

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