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Dealz – Gotta Make It (feat. Mina Leon) (Prod by Certified)

With the release of “Leanin” & “One Two”, Dealz follows up with his third single “Gotta Make It” which features vocals from Mina Leon. The track is a bit different than what you are normally used to hearing from Dealz. “Gotta Make It” is the theme for Dealz upcoming mixtape, mixed by DJ Ykcor & hosted by DJ Heat. Dealz provides lyrics relating to his struggle to make it big as a musician, and Mina Leon’s vocals blend perfectly over this track.

Follow Dealz & Mina Leon on twitter : @Its_Dealz & @M1NA_L30N



Everyone should know as a producer, it’s great to work with talented singers & song-writers. In the music industry, producers typically work with song-writers on getting songs demoed for placement. It’s common for artists to have other people write material for them. Producers also work with song-writers strictly for writing choruses, bridges, even arrangement of a composition. In my short career, I have been lucky enough to meet incredibly talented song-writers, that have landed me great placements with talented artists. I owe a lot of my placements to the song-writers, without them it’s just a composition! There are very talented song-writers in the DMV area, that up & coming producers should get familiar with.

Singers / Song-writers I co-sign heavily :

Steven Drakes Twitter/steven_drakes1

Mina Leon Twitter/M1NA_L30N


Christopher “Neazee” Neal

Harmony Muzik

Fleet DJs : The Indy Show & Chocolate City Mix


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Fleet DJs coalition, is a well respected group of DJs running mixtape circuits & internet radio all over the east coast. Thanks to Fleet DJs owner DJ Klassik, New music from Certified & Brad Tanner will be showcased on the “Indy Show”, on Tuesday 3/15/11 at 1pm EST. Music from Certified & Mina Leon will be showcased on “The Chocolate City Mix” by DJ Mim (@DJMIMDC) at 4pm EST. Only on Be sure to tune in & joint the “Chatroom”. Thanks for the support!

Mina Leon – Fly (Prod by Certified)

Mina Leon – Fly (Prod by Certified)

Check out Audio from Mina Leon. Mina has an amazing voice. She’s a really dope songwriter. No suprise that Mina & Certified created a great track together. Mina has been shutting the DMV area down with great hooks & melodies for big artists. She also has a great following in Japan, where she is currently living. This track features heavy bass, piano, and synths, to compliment pop style drums. Mina’s vocal arrangements & lyrics really set this record apart from any others. Get familiar with Mina at

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